How Using Herbal Teas Help In Effectively Losing Weight


A large number of herbal diet teas and mixtures have now flooded the market, and many claim that their teas aid in cleansing the body and melt away unwanted pounds. Some of these claims may not always be true, and some of these herbal weight loss medications may not help the person lose weight, they may be harmful to a person’s health.

However, there are also certain natural products, herbs and foods that have natural properties of increasing the body’s metabolic rat. A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Urology has noted that some herbal teas, like green tea, are considered to be highly beneficial in attaining significant weight loss. The study indicates that the caffeine content and antioxidants present in green tea are the main substances responsible for increasing the body’s metabolism เจียวกู้หลาน.

Health Benefits Of Herbal Weight Loss Teas

Green teas and other herbal tea mixes should be elements that need to be incorporated in your diet, if you are considering attaining significant weight loss. Green tea is the common name for the Camellia sinensis herb.

There are also other herbs that form part of herbal teas. These are packaged and marketed as stand alone solutions or as combinations with green tea. Some of these herbs, such as Garcinia Combogi, Cinnamomum Tamala, Guggul, Senna Leaves, Fennel and Aniseed, have been analyzed and noted in burning extra fat and calories by increasing the body’s metabolic rate.

Herbal teas have a host of health benefits, and taste great too. Chamomile teas help in soothing an upset digestive system, as well as help in relaxing an individual. Rooibos tea also serves as a wonderful antioxidant. Mint teas are aromatic and flavorful mixtures. There are also a wide array of herbal teas that are available in most groceries, convenient stores, tea and coffee shops, and natural foods stores. Most herbal teas don’t have caffeine, however green teas do have some content, but are healthy as well.

How To Mix A Refreshing Herbal Weight-Loss Tea

When preparing tea, remember to use fresh cold water always, and avoid using aluminum cookware, since this has a very soft metal and may tend to come off in the food. The best utensils for teas are glass, cast iron, stainless steel or unchipped enamel.

A tea strainer allows you to mix your own blends of loose teas or herbs, that come in a variety of flavors and helps in preventing you from having to drink floating leaves and flowers. Boil water, then remove from the heat and add about one heaping teaspoon of dried herbs per cup of water. Cover the kettle and allow to steep for about ten minutes. Lastly, strain the herbs into a cup before serving.

Attaining Considerable Weight Loss Involves Many Factors

The goal of reducing weight naturally requires burning more calories and fat through exercise, and necessitates living an active lifestyle. Living an active lifestyle, coupled with a low fat diet, helps ensure that the process of losing weight can be accelerated.

Researchers have also indicated that if the metabolic rate of a person can be increased, the process of burning fat can be quicker. The body’s metabolic rate actually explains why certain people eat so much, yet still do not put on weight, while others seem to gain weight every time they eat.

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